Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jon - Upstairs, Downstairs 7" NZL Leedon, LK-1667, 1967

Here is Jon's fab, Gibb brothers penned ode to Anglo girl desire. A particular favourite of mine, seething with obsession and need; her mysterious ways "tor-men-tinnngggggggg myyyyyyy braaaa-iiinnnn..."

But wait on, I thought this blog was about odd O/S pressings? Well look closely - this one's 'Made in New Zealand'. I've only seen a few records like this and this seems to be the only one I've kept. I mean sure there's Delltones and Johnny O'Keefe NZ pressings - but what else is there from the more interesting end of the Leedon spectrum? Hint: Other Leedons from around this time are Tony Cole, a couple of Pogs, Others, Syssys, R. Black and the Rockin Vs...

The Aussie Leedon press has exactly the same catalogue number. Hear the track on Pretty Ugly and Peculiar Hole In The Sky.


  1. Howdy,

    Firstly thanks for adding me to your blog list (Antipodean Beat).

    Jon Blanchfield is a Brisbane singer whom recorded in Sydney like most of them did in the day. You'll find that pretty much all the Festival imprints i.e. Spin, Leedon, Festival et cetra are the same in N.Z. There are literally hundreds of them.

    I'm enjoying your blog entries feel free to use my site for any info.

    Here is an entry from a good friend of about this recording.

    Hope this helps.


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