Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jimmy Hannan - Beach Ball 7" USA Atlantic 45-2247, 1964

Yikes. Jimmy Hannan - big toothed, big haired TV show host as I remember him. Well he put out one ok surf record in early '64. I avoided this for years because, well, it's Jimmy Hannan, and how could a song about a beach ball be any good? On the second point the subject of the song is actually balls, you know - parties, soirees, gatherings - same subject as AC/DC's Big Balls, but set on a beach.

Anyway it's a pretty good example of Sydney surf from around that time, instrumentally kicks along really well - I don't actually know who the band is doing backing on this, though the Bee Gees are in there vocally somewhere. 

My source for all things Aussie surf is Stephen McParland's Waltzing The Plank, a pretty great compendium of info. My man Stephen makes the valid point that Jimmy could've Australianised the lyrics of this Jim McGuinn penned piece of Californiana.

Aussie release on Reg Grundy's RG label (RGK-557).

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