Monday, June 13, 2011

The Groove - The Wind / Play The Song 7" ITA Parlophone 4C006-80109, 1969

For me The Groove are a bit of a dull band. Skilled musicians, sure. Lots of feel, it's just their choice of musical styles doesn't excite me. In 1968 they moved to London and recorded a last 7" which was released by Parlophone in the UK (R5783) and Italy, in a sleeve.

As far as the A-side goes, I feel I have to paraphrase Forced Exposure's one line review of 7 Seconds New Wind LP, "Something is blowing here, but, uh, is it the wind?" All gags aside, it's one of those big London winter ballads - piano, choral voices, big vocals.

The flipside is more interesting - uptempo, Hammond driven, swinging London - not too bad.

Issued in Australia by Columbia (DO-8811).

After this the band morphed into Eureka Stockade and had a 7" released in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

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