Friday, January 22, 2010

Clefs - Bring It To Jerome 7" GRE Leon LE107, 1967

One of the most unknown overseas pressings is this Greek release of an already obscure Adelaide recording originally on Melbourne label Phono Vox. The general commentary attached to this is "How the hell did this get a Greek release?," and I suppose I'd like to know the answer too.

A good, driving r&b workout with plenty of punky attitude evident. Of course being the Clefs the organ is upfront, though not overly so - guitar and bass get equal time.

The Greeks, as is their wont, flipped the backside and frontside. A Boy Like Me, the Australian A-side, is an organ driven number, and it's alright. Hear both sides here, where there's also photos and history of the band.


  1. Why this got a greek release is a mystery to me too, even though I'm greek. But, what's even more weird is that LEON was a label for folk artists/bands!

    Anyway, nice work so far ;) Keep up.

  2. Was the owner of Phono Vox, Tony Tromeros, Greek? Makes you wonder if anything else from the label was issued over there.
    Great site - more scans!